Laura Watkins has always had a talent for art and spent the vast majority of her childhood honing her skills by drawing onto massive rolls of wallpaper (and sometimes when she ran out of paper, the walls themselves!). As a grown-up, she’s thrilled to have crafted a successful career as an independent artist and shares her life with an Irish Setter and two cats, all three of which provide constant love and inspiration. 

Alongside being an avid animal lover, she is also an internationally published illustrator of Children’s Books with works in print in 14 different languages. She has collaborated on a variety of high profile projects and is always busy working on new and exciting ideas. Laura is also represented by the highly esteemed Bright Agency as one of their publishing artists.

In more recent times, she has relaunched her Art Boutique Shop selling the finest quality Limited Edition Prints from her range of popular Dog Paintings. The online shop has had fantastic success, selling over 3000 prints since the launch in Christmas 2015 and has no signs of slowing down!

Laura would like to thank all of her clients and enthusiasts for their interest and support, and for providing her with the opportunity to follow her passion as a career. Nothing means more to her than making a connection with both people and animals through her art and she is overjoyed that people appreciate her work enough to display it not only in their own homes, but for the enjoyment of others in galleries and exhibitions.

Laura currently resides in Finchley, London. Her love for painting is matched only by her love for nature and in her spare time she is rebuilding her houseboat, ‘Aquaholic’ with the ambition to fill it with paintings and pets.

Laura still draws on the walls from time to time, however now that she’s an accomplished artist people don’t really seem to mind!


Ever wondered how I make my paintings?

To be honest, I use a little bit of everything!

Firstly, I’ll start out by creating a sketch of the piece.

Then comes the switch to brushes and paint, to utilise all of those lovely colours and textures.

Finally, I’ll scan the painting and elements into Photoshop and place them all together; the real definition of mixed media I suppose!